Our Brand

Our Philosophy

You are the reason we do what we do. Our customers inspire us every single day to create beautiful items that enhance your daily life. Our work is our passion, our label is our heart and soul. Our core belief is to bring you, our customer, the highest quality product that is handcrafted and consciously produced.

 Our Mission

To bring products to the marketplace that are free of human exploitation using certified fabrics that are ethically sourced for the best outcome for mankind.


About Us

When I was a little girl I would watch my grandmother's sew and knit at the kitchen table for hours. I was intrigued by the movement of their hands, how they worked, and fascinated by the process of creating something beautiful. It wasn't the end product that really amazed me, although exquisite, it was always the reaction of the person who received their gifts. Big smiles, love, and an inner glow that couldn't be mistaken for anything else but pure joy. Both of my grandmother's dedicated most of their lives to developing their skillset and perfecting their craft with the sole intention of making others feel loved and valued. Every stitch we sew is intentionally filled with gratitude, and a hope that our craftsmanship brings you happiness.